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Replying to this post by NightClub:
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one of the most interesting stories i have ever read, is one writtten in my 2/1976 issue of chess life and review magazine. George Koltanowski relays a story about a old woman who was at the XIX Olympics at Siegen, West Germany. From start to finish she would observe Bobby Fischers chess games, staying all through the game, which would last usually for 5 hours. She was huddled and leaned upon by the eager croud, and rarely spoke to anyone. She was around 50 and grey haired and well dressed.
When Bobby did not play she was nowhere to be found. She even attended Bobby's adjourned games. If she did speak, because someone might ask, if she could see the game, and should they move a little, she would reply, "Nein, danke shon."
Finally, George went up to the lady, on friday morning September 24, and approached the lady. George took out his card and gave it to her. He said, " I can't help wondering why you are here following every move, grimace, effort, made by Robert Fischer," "Do you play chess?" "I play very little" she answered calmly." "I am here to watch Bobby Fischer and nothing else."
"Why?" inquired George.
Looking around and not finding anyone near, she told how years ago she had a son, her only son. He was a genius according to the chess magazines of those days. My son died in a political brawl at the chess club. She said that she had been a widow for a few years, and had turned to spiritualism, hellseherin, as they say in germany. "AND MY SON HAS ASKED ME ON INNUMERABLE OCCASIONS TO SEE THE GREAT AMERICAN CHESS GENIUS IN ACTION."
George states that this lady left her standing there wondering who her son could be. He nver saw her again, because Bobby never played in the Olypics after that day. This story appeared in the January, 1971 chess life & review and many readers wanted to know who the young greman genius was. After much research, George says he found the solution!
Dr. Alekhine during the 2nd WW, played in a tournament in Prague, in 1942. There he met Klaus Junge, then 18 yrs old. He was acclaimed as a future world champion by the german press, and who was stabbed to death in a chess club fight in 1942!!
What i would like to know is, was there ever a book written in german that may have the story of Klaus Junge, and perhpas some of his games. Has anyone seen any of his games on a website?? Does this case for spiritualism sound like it might be authentic to anyone?
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