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Lack of 'T/c' Flexibility, Re. Chess, and "Chess-960"HALLofMIRRORS311 Mar 2008, 13:00:50
When Will Your 'New Caissa' "Member Directory" List Only 'Paid Members'?HALLofMIRRORS5 5 Mar 2008, 22:32:57
by AdminBrian
One Little FaultWizardNo12 5 Mar 2008, 22:28:15
by AdminBrian
HOW DO YOU DISABLE CHATBOX ?fitenite644 3 Mar 2008, 15:39:59
by AdminBrian
Annoying Glitch, in Your 10-Second Per Move "Rasputin," "Caissa" "AgentBrian" 'Games'gammaburst228 Feb 2008, 15:40:19
by AdminBrian
clock keeps running after I playOpenDays621 Feb 2008, 00:59:58
by OpenDays
"Rasputin," "Agent Brian," & "Caissa" No Longer Wait for {human} Challenge Interruptions{!?}HALLofMIRRORS213 Feb 2008, 02:54:47
by AdminBrian
Game forfeit after draw agreedsmjg210 Feb 2008, 06:45:36
by AdminBrian
Your On-Line Chess Computer ServiceTorpedoRun2 3 Feb 2008, 00:21:40
by AdminBrian
Personally, I Dislike "Caissa," "Rasputin," & "AgentSmith"s Programmed-In, Weak Chess Abilitiesgammaburst124 Jan 2008, 02:55:04
by gammaburst
live game crashPulsar424 Jan 2008, 02:45:12
by AdminBrian
what a messEatFireSpring121 Jan 2008, 15:05:30
by EatFireSpring
forfeitridgewalker320 Jan 2008, 13:16:20
by Gladiator
Here is the link to take care of this forfeit problem: Internet Fraud - Report todayApollo114 Jan 2008, 21:43:17
by Apollo
Caissa's 'Glaring' 'Achilles Heel' !gammaburst213 Jan 2008, 20:57:36
by AdminBrian
corr site not working on old sitePulsar320 Dec 2007, 22:38:57
by Pulsar
Never Received my Opponent's 2nd Move in a 'Live Game', and 'Lost'HALLofMIRRORS119 Dec 2007, 09:54:46
live game crashesPulsar119 Dec 2007, 04:04:02
by Pulsar
avatarsridgewalker517 Dec 2007, 20:25:48
by fitenite64
Avatar not functioning in live gamesfitenite64515 Dec 2007, 13:07:50
by Hawkeye