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Topic started by smjg on 5 Feb 2017, 22:26:06
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5 Feb 2017, 22:26:06
How do I claim a draw by threefold repetition?
According to the laws of chess, when a threefold repetition is made, either the player can claim the draw on making the move, or the opponent can immediately claim the draw.
However, I can't see how to do either. In one of my corr games, today I made the same position for the third time. I ticked 'Offer draw' thinking maybe this is the way to claim the draw. But it hasn't had this effect, and neither has the game been automatically ended as a draw. My opponent has now replied to this move, and this move has likewise made the same position for the third time. But I can't see any option to claim the draw.
Help me please!