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Topic started by buzzkill on 26 Jun 2009, 00:16:17
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United States
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26 Jun 2009, 00:16:17
Lost a Game 'On Time'.. that I Actually 'Won,' 'On Time'; & In a 'Positional' {winning} Sense!?
Opponent: "GandyDancer" {'guest' player}
Game ID: LCH1245973350020172011102
.. Aside, from having resolved never to play this person again, {as he probably figured out a way to 'game' your 'Caissa' server; If this problem is not resolved; I'll 'tell my mother on you,' Admin. Brian!
.. In all seriousness; It's a problem, that even my great online 'fiend,' "RAPTOR"; Recently complained about... And needs addressing!----