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Topic started by RosettaStone on 21 Apr 2009, 09:31:34
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United States
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21 Apr 2009, 09:31:34
"Chess-960," Major 'Glitch'!
.. Below; Is the pertinent info. Re. a just 'concluded' game, Vs. "Agent-Smith"; Where your online {highly-rated} cyber opponent, refused to make a first move, as 'black.' {I waited, well over a minute; Including, one 'reload'/refresh, initiative, on my part; And I {only} "resigned," so I could 'post' this.
{If, it makes any difference; My only move, was: 1. "d4"}
Start Time: 09:16:23 UTC
Black: AgentSmith (2999) End Time: 09:18:16 UTC
Game: Chess960 Duration: 0:01:53
Speed: G/10 Moves: 1
Result: 0-1 (Resigns)
Game ID: LFR1240305292017497000284
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[Event "Live Game"]
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22 Apr 2009, 05:45:07
In reply to RosettaStone
Re: "Chess-960," Major 'Glitch'!
This is fixed.