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Topic started by Togoychess on 14 Apr 2009, 15:23:51
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14 Apr 2009, 15:23:51
.A problem with the animated gif obtained with your PGN Editor Chess Tool
Hello: I am one of the administrator of a Chess Club site
We are now trying your wonderful PGN Editor Chess Tool and we think
there is a problem with the animated gif you can get with it.
Sometimes everything is perfect and we can upload the animated gif file
to our site but sometimes the system of the social network ning refuses it.
We have asked the administratos of the social network (sending then one
of the animated gif images with problems) and they told to us that
"There appears to be an issue with this gif image as I was not able to
upload the image on my test network as wll as on Photo Buck
( an external image management service. Could
you double check on how this image was formatted?"
When I try to upload the gif file to
http://www.photobucket.comr eceived this messagge:
"Upload failed for PROBLEM.gif with error: Internal
system command erroridentify: Negative or zero image
size `/tmp/phphy4V0G'."
Would you mind, please, helping us?
Thanks a lot.