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Topic started by MissingMass on 9 Mar 2009, 15:25:11
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9 Mar 2009, 15:25:11
A 'Re-directed' {'c & p'} Plea for Technical Assistance; From Another {guest} Player
.. Since this was placed on the 'Misc' 'bb' Only; I'm unable to say, if this 'newbie' knows about the 'correct' 'bb,' for these types of questions, & answers{?!}
I want to help my dad keep his mind moving as he sits retired in Florida, he is 87 years old. He is not great on the internet (neither am I). We just want to play a continuous game of chess long distance since I am in Wisconsin. We are both novices and may never use all of the features of a chess website. Am I in the wrong place? If I can use this website to accomplish this simple task, can someone direct me as to how to do it?