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Topic started by fierce on 19 Jan 2009, 05:59:01
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United States
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19 Jan 2009, 05:59:01
Recommendation to reduce the number of DOA games
I'm very guilty of putting my name on the list for a game and then browsing in another window while waiting for it to start-- too many times I come back and the game did in fact start and my opponent aborted when I didn't show.
Sorry, but sometimes the wait is just too darn long to get a game and I can't sit there just staring at the screen.
Here is my suggestion:
The sound clip for "You have a challenge" plays audibly no matter if I'm in another window or app. Why not have a sound clip that plays and says something like "Your game is about to start"? I'd click back immediately and begin my games on time, which would make everyone happier (including myself).
p.s. DOA = Dead on Arrival
Edited on 19 Jan 2009 at 05:59:19