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Topic started by ZENknight on 16 Jan 2009, 16:39:21
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16 Jan 2009, 16:39:21
A 'Chess-960' Rating 'Leaderboard'{!?}
.. Perhaps this would help to popularize this {chess} variant, if there were a separate and easily accessible/identifiable page, which would list, lets say, the 'Top {chess-960} rated players, played in a 'live,' 'g/10' format; My personal 't/c' bias.
Many people, I suspect, wouldn't mind another opportunity to see their 'handle' in an 'online' formalized list; Provided, they're willing & able to 'defend' their placement-ranking, on a {so-called}, "Official, '960' Leaderboard."
Of course; As to how often, and against whom, players would be required to 'defend' their ranking, & rating against, {including, the 'T/c' format, of the game{s} in question}, is another matter; Even maybe, a literal 'headache'?! ..Why am I posting this?!; I doubt, that I'm among the top 10%, of all '960' players!? ---
Ps. For this idea.. whether Anyone responds; Is obviously, beyond my 'control'; And, mostly, beyond my 'caring'! ..