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Topic started by MissingMass on 14 Jan 2009, 15:21:19
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United States
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14 Jan 2009, 15:21:19
Another 'Open' Letter, To the 'Admin.'
.. It's possible, that I have too much free time, to think of something like this; But, are you able to determine.. as to what extent, that what amounts to, permanent 'guest' {non-member} players, might be raising the cost {of membership}, for those who decide to join?!
Naturally, this would pertain to how often, {and or easy}, it is for you, to determine the specific 'ISP,' identifying 'PCees,' that 'Caissa' 'guests,' are regularly 'logging'-on from{!?}.
Considering, that the 'benefits' of membership here, are arguably 'minimal'; As witness, to the lack of diversity of the 'BB' posters, and the minimal 'turnouts' for your site-sponsored tourneys; Unless your company, is feeling inexplicably 'charitable' to all the presumed long-time 'freeloaders'; Those same 'freeloaders,' Would seem to represent, a 'bottom-line' negative factor.. for the financial well-being, of this site!?-
Ps. Unless, I've been looking at the 'wrong' random 'membership' {in name only}, directory pages; The proportion, of your 'guest' players, versus, actual {paid} members; is 'HUGE'!!
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United States
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15 Jan 2009, 02:29:50
In reply to MissingMass
Re: Another 'Open' Letter, To the 'Admin.'
The thinking is that no one would be left to play if the guest players were jettisoned. All that would be left is a few hacks like dualspace, myself and a few others to play chess. Who would want that? :)