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Topic started by simonarnesson on 7 Dec 2008, 19:37:03
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7 Dec 2008, 19:37:03
bug - moving twice in a row
Game ID: LCH1228676856012246005875
My opponent moved twice in a row and won my queen because of it!
17. ...Bxe7 doesnt make much sense, none of blacks bishops were attacking e7 wich also was occupied by blacks queen. However whites bishop was attacking e7 and somehow made the capture on my turn.
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7 Dec 2008, 22:31:12
In reply to simonarnesson
Re: bug - moving twice in a row
Viewing the game there does seem to be a problem in the move sequence. I don't think I've seen this or experienced it before, so it's hard to tell how often it happens. Was there anything unusual about the game that might provide a clue to the cause of the problem?
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United States
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19 Dec 2008, 03:15:00
In reply to AdminBrian
Re: bug - moving twice in a row
Game ID LCH1229655152000800014414
Moves 17-19. Black has 2 or 3 moves in a row.
My opponent said he got disconnected and reloaded the page just before this happened.
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Costa Rica
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19 Dec 2008, 23:44:23
In reply to JimWa
Re: bug - moving twice in a row
It is a proven thing that somehow, sometimes your opponent can make two moves in a row but maybe this can help:
I was playing once with someone that made two moves in a row and we kept playing (after I complainted and described my opponent my moves and made him questions and so and so...) and it occured to me to reload....after I did that...voilá!...the game was a win for me based on time forfeit from my opponent...weird but somehow fair...anyway...try it..maybe it will work for you as to the fair players.