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Topic started by Pulsar on 18 Oct 2008, 16:40:57
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18 Oct 2008, 16:40:57
open letter to Caissa
Hi Admin.
     After asking several times, and waiting patiently for over 1 year, I feel that it is not unreasonable to post this message publicly.  As a long-time member---with more total games played than any other member---I obviously enjoy using Caissa.  However, it seems like you do not have any concern for the "history" of the site.
     My scorebook at the new site still does not include any of my over 40,000 games, or even the stats and ratings, from the old site.  I was told that this would be done over a year ago.  I know from experience that it would take no more than a day or two to write the queries needed to get the data, if not the games, from the old databases into the new ones.  So if it has not been done by now, I have to assume that you have no intention of doing it.  I wish that you would just say so, rather than answering with that "to-do-list" response that has become standard.
     The "top-10" lists from the main page at the old site are still not included on the new.  Basic functionality that we had, like being able to add yourself to the live-game waiting list for 1/4-rated play, is still not available.  Handle block-lists have not been implemented, etc..  Meanwhile new "features" like facebook links, and e-mail, which I could not care less about, are touted as great improvements for the site.
     This site was about playing chess, and it was very good for that.  The new site is still not as good as the old one was for simply playing games, both live and corr.  THAT should have been your priority when starting the new site: making sure that it was at least as good as the old one for playing chess, and seemlessly moving the history and ratings of members from the old site to the new one.
     A few months or so ago I was in the top 50 of long-time members.  As of today, I am in the top 20!  What does that say to you?  Putting a "sticker" by our handles that says "founding member" is meaningless if there is nothing behind it!  You have abandoned the long-term members, and they are abandoning you.  If you are going to force us to "start over" at the new caissa, then we may as well start over some place else---some of which have more available players, rated play, playing interfaces that are just as good, and are even FREE of membership dues!
     I have continued playing live and corr at the old site but now there are hardly enough people using it to get a live game; it is not uncommon for me to be one of only 5 or 6 people logged on!  I was willing to pay the extra $ to use the old site because it was better, but now there are not enough people to make using it worthwhile.
     I certainly do not think that I am in any position to "threaten" you, but I am letting you know that if I do not see the history moved over in the next few weeks, I will become another in the long list of "founding members" that have moved on to other sites after my current membership expires in a couple of months.
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27 Oct 2008, 00:41:46
In reply to Pulsar
Re: open letter to Caissa
Thanks for this message and we appreciate all the time you have logged on Caissa over the years. I can't give you an exact date when the Member stats will be activated on the new Caissa site, however I can say that it is one of the most requested features to be added to the new site. So it is a development priority. Unfortunately it is far more complex than writing a few queries as you suggest. The member stats feature on the old Caissa site was programmed before there were simple, reliable databases for use with web sites (MySQL for example). Believe it or not, the old Caissa site does not use any database software! There simply wasn't any database software to use 14 years ago when we first started Caissa.
Which brings us to the new Caissa site. You state:
Pulsar said:
The new site is still not as good as the old one was for simply playing games, both live and corr.
We have to respectfully disagree. The new Caissa site is vastly superior to the old site for just playing live and corr games. In fact, the new site exists because several years ago we received comments from members saying that the old Caissa site was out-of-date and there were more advanced sites out there now, and if we did not create a new Caissa site they would all leave, etc. So the new site and all its technology and features is a direct result of our member's requests.
We hope that you will give the new Caissa site a fair shake for playing live and corr games. We think that once you make the move you will agree that it is far better. All of your old member stats will still exist on the old site and we will transfer them when we create the new member stats. If you have any technical problems with the new site just let us know and I'm sure we can get you up-and-running on the new site.
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27 Oct 2008, 23:46:56
In reply to AdminBrian
Re: open letter to Caissa
I really like the correspondence games interaction as opposed to the old site. One change I'd make on the live games is have the ability to make it a full screen. If that's possible already I don't know how to do it.