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Topic started by ZENknight on 19 Sep 2008, 21:44:34
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19 Sep 2008, 21:44:34
On Getting An "Avatar"
I'm asking this question for both a 'Caissa' acquaintance, and for myself; namely; what's the procedure, {including, I assume.. an "avatar" Website 'URL'}, for downloading a cartoon character, and-or picture avatar?
I have a "Windows" 'pc,' with both a "firefox" and 'IE' browser; perhaps both browsers, involve the same procedure{!?}.. Thanks!
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20 Sep 2008, 03:29:10
In reply to ZENknight
Re: On Getting An "Avatar"
The avatar must be a graphical image file located on your computer's hard drive. It must be in a format of .PNG, .GIF or .JPG. Preferably it should be pre-formatted to a size of 60x60 pixels. However if it is larger when you upload it, Caissa will automatically resize it to 60x60. When you are ready to upload, go to Member Services and then "Member Profile" and you will be prompted to upload the file. Feel free to post any further questions as I am sure there are other members who have a lot of experience doing this and will be happy to help.