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Topic started by HALLofMIRRORS on 18 Sep 2008, 02:24:53
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United States
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18 Sep 2008, 02:24:53
'Caissa' Member of 12 Years, Ticked-Off
.. I copy & pasted this latest 'Misc. BB' post, {not, my own}, unto this 'chess-support' BB; lest it might go unnoticed, to whom it concerns.
from, "JimWa"
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United States
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18 Sep 2008, 01:48:49

Caissa member for 12 years ticked off
We got used to bugs on the old site and worked around them. Maybe that's what I should learn to do here.

{I} Started a G/10 game with a "Guest", Harry, and he makes no move. Waited the entire 10 minutes and still no message from Caissa that he has exceeded the time limit.

I log off and then back on again, look at the games in progress and Harry has four games going. And the one I was in says I resigned.

What's going on here, Brian? .. {from, "JimWa"}.