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Topic started by HALLofMIRRORS on 3 Nov 2007, 17:11:22
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United States
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3 Nov 2007, 17:11:22
My Wish for a Caissa's Web {Admin.} Christmas 'Present'!
..As a New member of the 'New Caissa's Web chess site only,
rather than continuing to let the weeks and even months 'slip-
by'.. without providing members the configuration-option
of the "light-green and cream-colored" chessboards, for "live-
games"; Perhaps, Now is a good time for the admin. to set as
a deadline for themselves, the {Not blowing, 'hot-air'} statement:
"This board-option Will be available for 'live-games'.. by,
Christmas, '07"{!} {referring, of course.. to your "New" site!}
..Right now, I'm playing "live-games" on the 'light-brown' colored,
chessboard; which is sort of like having to 'settle' for chocolate
ice-cream, because the 'shop' is Always out of "vanilla"!.. ] ;
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6 Nov 2007, 04:02:21
In reply to HALLofMIRRORS
Re: My Wish for a Caissa's Web {Admin.} Christmas 'Present'!
This is currently being worked on, I am quite sure it will be done before Christmas.