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Topic started by smjg on 31 May 2007, 13:44:32
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United Kingdom
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31 May 2007, 13:44:32
Default value of member's country
I noticed when I came onto this new interface that it had my country down as United States, which is nonsense. It would appear that when migrating the user accounts, one of you just set everyone's country to United States as the default.
I consider this at least immoral. No doubt many other members object to you telling the world they're in a country where they aren't. True, they can just change the setting, but they have to discover that it's wrong first, which might take a while especially for Caissa's less frequent customers.
I don't suppose it's too late to deal with it now, by creating an "Unspecified" value for this field and searching and replacing all instances of "United States" (or at least those who haven't yet logged into this new interface) to this. True, it would clear the setting for members who really are in the US, but they're just as likely to have not touched the setting anyway.
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31 May 2007, 21:45:38
In reply to smjg
Re: Default value of member's country
At some point in the future we will probably send out a mass email to all members reminding them to update the Country flag on their account.