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Topic started by gammaburst on 27 May 2007, 15:35:06
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27 May 2007, 15:35:06
Periodic Slowness Re. Moving Pieces in 5-minute games
I just finished a game of 5-minute-chess on the older
Caissa's Web, and about 20% of the time {including,
at slower time-controls} trying to move my pieces is
not only slow-going, but I can literally see the piece
I'm trying to move, resist, as if it would just as soon
either Not be moved, or end up off-centered, inclu-
ding, right on the demarcation line between two ad-
jacent squares, before it finally corrects .. Any ideas
why? {Thanks}
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27 May 2007, 20:27:52
In reply to gammaburst
Re: Periodic Slowness Re. Moving Pieces in 5-minute games
Sounds like the Java applet getting clogged up or bogged down. Might try rebooting the computer.