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Topic started by Zugzwanger on 4 Jul 2012, 12:06:58
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4 Jul 2012, 12:06:58
Chess960 Question
I don't play Chess960, but I have a question about it. Is it permissible to place the two Bishops in such a manner that they are on the same color, or must Bishops be placed on opposite colors?
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4 Jul 2012, 12:29:25
In reply to Zugzwanger
Re: Chess960 Question

How to Play Chess960
The rules for chess960 are simple; Eg.-
There are only two rules in addition to those of standard chess:
1} How To Generate a Position
One rook to the left of the king, and one rook to the right of the king.
One bishop on light coloured square, and one bishop on a dark coloured square. from: