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Topic started by gammaburst on 11 Sep 2007, 22:37:06
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11 Sep 2007, 22:37:06
Thanks, Admin. Brian, for the 'Tip'!! { :
..I just gave myself a 'failing-grade' for Not being a
sufficiently motivated "tinkerer"!
..Up til now, if and when I might've placed my cursor on
the {blue-colored} "View Game" icon; the fact that my
'arrow-shaped-cursor' did Not turn into a hand {as it
does with All other links}..led me to think that it
wasn't a link to playing over a game on-screen; and
was instead, merely a meaningless 'prompt' to get out
one's pocket chess set, perhaps. "OY"!!!!!!!!!!
..In case any other Caissa complainers read this, I now
believe that you can No longer consider me as a fellow
dissatisfied Caissian.. Even if they Never get around to
installing/re-installing a 'BB' filter{!}..and, as for the
higher-fees{?}..14 cents a day, pro-rated over a year?!
..I spend 9 times that amount, almost daily, on a "twinkie!!"
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United States
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12 Sep 2007, 18:19:38
Re: Thanks, Admin. Brian, for the 'Tip'!! { :
Give up twinkies and you could pay a year's membership for 9 people :)