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Topic started by AdminBrian on 27 Jul 2007, 20:53:23
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27 Jul 2007, 20:53:23
Live Game Challenge Configuration Now Available
You can now configure how you receive live game challenges. For instance you can completely turn on or off the ability to receive live game challenges. This may be useful for those members who mainly play correspondence games and do not want to receive live game challenges while making corr game moves.
Additionally, you can leave the live challenges on, but specify what type of challenge to receive. For instance, you can choose to only accept Chess games and not Chess960 games, or only G5 games.
You can configure these options by going to the Live Games>Configuration>Configure Challenges.
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27 Jul 2007, 22:57:43
Re: Live Game Challenge Configuration Now Available
..I may be 'Losin' It'.. ie. when I read Admin. Brian's latest
announcement Re. "Live Challenges" on the New Caissa,
{which I barely use anymore} I cried like a baby! ..Oh
well, we're all annonymous here.. I Think{!?}