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Topic started by AdminBrian on 25 Jul 2007, 00:13:40
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25 Jul 2007, 00:13:40
Correspondence Game Challenges Now Available
Development of the new Caissa continues apace with the release of the Correspondence Game challenges. One of the most requested features for the new Caissa, you are now able to send and receive corr game challenges. You can use a "Quick Challenge" which allows you to specify only member handle and send the challenge to play the default configuration of a game of chess in 20 moves in 30 days, random colors. You can also use the "Advanced Challenge" which allows you to specify a time control, game type (Chess or Chess960), and color. You can also send a comment with the challenge.
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28 Jul 2007, 18:46:23
In reply to AdminBrian
Re: Correspondence Game Challenges Now Available
Well, add my name/account to the list of unhappy campers. What a great place it was to play chess and interact in a community. After years of neglect and apathy from MediaWest, admin at large seem to be genuinely surprised that the membership at large have not embraced the new site and renewed administrator involvement. I have been here since early 1997 and when my time is up in mid August I will not renew. I will miss the small remaining cast of old timers.
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31 Jul 2007, 18:50:44
Re: Correspondence Game Challenges Now Available
greetings..... not sure who this goes to but it does seem like there
is a huge fire at caissa and no one manning the extinguisher.
I would suggest a change of course by going back to the old caissa
and making the new interface a debug effort.
wayne mcnally