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Topic started by AdminBrian on 10 Jul 2007, 04:34:52
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10 Jul 2007, 04:34:52
Upcoming Development Projects
Here is a general roadmap for upcoming development projects. As you can see, we are currently working on the Correspondence Chess Games area of the new Caissa.
Corr Game Challenges
-Generally follow the corr chess game challenge functionality of Caissa Classic, including selection of time control, color, and the ability to send a comment with a challenge.
-Add a Quick challenge on the main corr chall menu, with option to go to advanced chall, which is like Caissa Classic. Quick chall is chess, 20/30 by default.
-Member handle link in list pops up javascript menu with basic member info, avatar, flag, rating, etc.
-Non-members cannot make comments.
-Limit number of outgoing challs to approx. 50.

-Email notification of incoming challenges.
Waiting List
-Generally follows the Caissa Classic waiting list, including options to specify rating range and single or multiple pairings.
-In corr game configuration, have option for "auto" waiting list entry, i.e. if the number of my corr games drop below a certain number, automatically put me on the waiting list using specified criteria.
My Games Screen
-Make column headers sortable.
-Add multiple pages capability to the list of active games.
-Add Filter and Waiting List to bottom of Active Games list.
-If there are no games listed, have it say "You do not currently have any active correspondence games. Choose an opponent from the waiting list below or Challenge another member to a game. If this is you first time using the Caissa Correspondence Chess games, you can review the Tutorial."
-Include a thin banner at top of My Games and if there are incoming challs it gives a notice and link to the corr challs.
Correspondence Chess Tournaments
-Suggestions still being collected.
Elite Member
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10 Jul 2007, 18:42:26
In reply to AdminBrian
Re: Upcoming Development Projects
What exactly is "Add multiple pages capability to the list of active games"?
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10 Jul 2007, 20:05:52
In reply to Ecotopia
Re: Upcoming Development Projects
That means if you have hundreds of corr games, the list is not on one long page, but rather spread over several pages-- 1,2,3 etc. It is more manageable and faster loading.