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Topic started by TexasSteve on 5 Jul 2007, 21:52:45
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United States
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5 Jul 2007, 21:52:45
chess board doesnt fit
No matter what I do I can't make the chess board fit within the screen. Anyone know how to correct this? I am running Java thru Firefox.
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6 Jul 2007, 00:01:02
Re: chess board doesnt fit
..My {best} guess, is that you should go to the "Caissa Classic."
'Home-page' which you first encounter when you first log-on
to the older Caissa's Web site.
..Look for the "configure" icon on their homepage, and then go there
{via, clicking your cursor on "configure"} Once you're on that Con-
figuration page, about 4-to-5 inches down from the top of this page,
it reads: "Board Size." Then check in the provided box{es} for either
"medium".. or perhaps, "small."
..Then confirm your selection in the provided space at the bottom of
the configure-page, with a cursor click.
Ps. If you were already configured with a "small" board size, or
if my advice doesn't help, then Admin. Brian should be able to offer
you alternative guidance.
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7 Jul 2007, 01:21:18
In reply to TexasSteve
Re: chess board doesnt fit
The main issue is the resolution of your monitor screen. The minimum resolution to get the board to fit is 800x600 pixels. Anything lower than that will not work. 1024x769 pixels is preferred.
You can check the resolution by going to your Windows Desktop, right-clicking on the desktop, choose Properties, then choose the Settings tab. There is a configuration option for Screen Resolution.
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United Kingdom
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7 Jul 2007, 11:19:39
In reply to AdminBrian
Re: chess board doesnt fit
I presume you're giving this as a temporary "solution" until you get round to implementing the board size option here?