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Topic started by AdminBrian on 11 Jun 2007, 20:57:27
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11 Jun 2007, 20:57:27
Java Interface Modifications for new Caissa
We've made a few changes to address reports by some members who can't get the Java interface to load correctly in the new Caissa, thus preventing them from playing live games and using the dynamic features of the Java interface.
Most of this is behind-the-scenes--you will never know it is happening--but for those technically advanced members, the following information may allow you to provide some feedback on how it is working.
Some members can never seem to connect back to Caissa once the Java interface is loaded. By default it connects on port 80, primarily because this would bypass any firewall on the member computer (port 80 has to be open to allow web surfing). However, it is possible that some ISPs are using some type of proxy caching on this port that is interfering with the connection.
To mitigate this possibility, when you logon now, the Java interface first tries to connect on port 5000 rather than port 80 which would bypass any possible caching. If it can't connect on 5000 (possibly due to an outgoing firewall) it will then check port 80. Hopefully connecting on one or the other port will improve successful connections for all members.