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Topic started by AdminBrian on 7 Jun 2007, 15:39:11
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7 Jun 2007, 15:39:11
Simultaneous Live Games Configuration
One of the features in the new Caissa that has caused some confusion is the ability to play more than one live chess game at the same time. This is of course a normal occurrence when playing "simuls" in real life.
Because some members did not like to get challenges when they were already playing a game, we have added a configuration option to allow you to choose how many live games to play simultaneously.

By default it is set to one live game. You can increase this to more than one, in which case if you are playing a live game, you will be able to get challenges and start as many live games as set in the configuration.
We are still working on the details of this configuration, such as the ability to override it on a per game or challenge basis. For example you may be configured for multiple games, but if you get paired in a game you want to concentrate on and not play any additional games, when you get paired for the first game you can specify at that time to disable all future challenges.
As always, we welcome member input on this feature.